Sugar, Sugar

Today was visiting day. But first we got up and went running.

I love morning runs!

The most exciting part of our run was when we met and crossed paths with Mike! I saw him coming but didn’t realize it was him. Boy was I happy to see him as he gave a high five to my bushy tail in passing. He’s one of my favorite people, you know.

Daddy (aka Mike; aka a Favorite Person)

After our run I was hungry, but Kat said I couldn’t eat until after our visit. Sometimes I get carsick if I’ve eaten too recently. Still, I wasn’t too happy about having to wait for my breakfast. Don’t let my smile fool you about that.

Empty bowl where my breakfast should be…

I was happy to head out for Gloucester House. Kat got me all strapped in and buckled up and tail tucked.

Fluffy tail untucked- watch out!
Tail tucked and safe from closing car door.

Our visit started off in memory care, as usual. They were playing a fun game,

This would be fun with dog treats!

but paused long enough to pet me awhile.


After memory care we went over for room visits. Our favorite centenarian had another visitor talking with her, so we just walked in long enough to say hi and bye today.

Another lady we visited told me I was beautiful, and she called me sugar a bunch of times. I liked that because that is Kat’s pet nickname for me. She was sweet to call me that special name.

Sugar, sugar

One lady kissed me on the nose today. That was funny. I hope it wasn’t too wet on her lips!! I like how people are so nice to me.

Canine kisses!

As we were walking out the door a man and woman were sitting on the front porch, and we said goodbye to them as we walked by. The lady said, “Goodbye Topaz!” It’s fun that everyone is getting to know me, and know my name. Knowing and being known is a nice thing. Kat said God made us that way, and He knows our name and knows us better than anyone. That’s pretty neat to think about!

I finally got to eat breakfast for lunch when I got home. It sure was good! Life is golden!!


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