I’m a Sneaky Snitch – But I’m Still Loved

Today we went on our Gloucester House visit. I was happy to be heading out!

We got there, got checked in and headed into the memory care area per usual. I like doing familiar things the same way over and over again! Like when I go on runs with Kat and we always start running at a specific point. I look back at her to let her know THIS is the spot, so let’s GO!!!

We said hello to our favorite couple first thing. He had his hand on hers. She is in memory care, but his room is in the regular section. He spends a lot of time over with his wife, though. He always encourages her to pet me, so he took his hand off hers so she could pat my soft head. Then he patted my head, too. That was kind of them both.

After we left memory care we stopped by the activity room to see the nice ladies that are always there doing something fun. They all smiled and exclaimed, “Hi, Topaz!” when I walked in! I love them all! They were playing a game called corn hole, but they stopped playing for a few minutes to give me some love. I sniffed the bean bags, and considered grabbing one, but decided that wouldn’t be polite. So I didn’t!

After saying hello and goodbye to the ladies we made our way down the hallway to the rooms.

I got a few head pats along the way. People are always friendly and wanting to say hello!

We visited with some friends of Kat’s who we frequently see there. They were working a puzzle with a family member. I pointed out a piece that had fallen on the floor, and Kat picked it up. They appreciated our teamwork!

We left that hallway after a few more room visits, and went to another section. We met a lady in the hallway who asked us to go visit her friend a few doors down. So we did! She was very nice and happy to see us. She told Kat she was having a hard day because of some health issues, so Kat prayed for her. After praying the woman began talking to Kat about the Bible and how her name – Anna – was in the Bible. While they were talking I happened to notice a familiar and wonderful smell. Since Kat was talking and not noticing me I decided to snoot around in a napkin to see if my nose was correct in identifying the scent. It was… BACON! It was right there within reach, and Kat and the lady were talking, so I just could not resist! When Kat realized I was chewing on something she turned around, gasped, and grabbed the napkin with the bacon in it from my mouth! Oh well! I almost got away with it!

On our way back down the hall we said hello to a happy man who pet me like he meant it! He likes dogs, for sure!

Once we got to the car I thought Kat might be upset with me about the sneaky snitch bacon incident. Instead she just affirmed her love for me with love pats and kindness. She said God forgives us, and we should forgive each other.

I love Kat and Kat loves me!

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