TGIF – Topaz’s Glad It’s Friday!

Today is Friday! I don’t always know or care what day it is, but I DO know when it’s Friday because that’s the day we go visiting.

It has been raining, and since the rain has cooled things off Kat let me go run with her early this morning. It makes me extremely excited and happy when I get to run with Kat! We got wet, and there were lots of puddles. It was FUN! So that was a great way to start the day. And then it got even better!

Later after we dried off, Kat brushed me out and we left for Gloucester House. I like going places with Kat!

When we got to Gloucester House a few people stopped us as we entered the front door, and when we were inside the foyer. One person even said, “It’s Topaz!” I am happy they remember me!! It makes you feel good to be remembered.

Kat signed us in, and then we went over to memory care. I like the people there. And they like me!

One lady isn’t usually smiling when I first see her. But she almost always smiles when she pets me. I think she likes the soft fur God gave me! I like to make her smile!!

After I went around the room Kat asked me to do a few tricks, so I obliged. Then we left memory care and went around for room to room visits.

We got to visit with a few ladies in the activity room who had just finished a Bible study. They loved me. I love them, too!

We visited a woman in her room, and Kat prayed for her. Kat thanked God that this light and momentary trouble is achieving in us an eternal glory that far surpasses them all, so we keep our eyes not on what is seen, which is temporary, but on what is unseen, which is eternal. The sweet, frail woman told us Kat’s prayer said exactly what she wanted to pray.

We also visited some people Kat knew. They heard us from their room and called us in to say, “Hi!” We will be sure to visit in that room again!

In one room we visit Kat normally sits and stays for awhile. The lady always has her Bible out, and we enjoy talking with her! She is kind and often speaks of how God has blessed her tremendously in her life. As we were leaving Kat said, “Have a good day!” The woman said, “Every day that God gives us is a good day!” The woman has lived over 100 years, so I think she should know better than anyone!

I love visits, but I like heading home, too! Rest is always welcome after being out and about. This day that the Lord has made has been a good day!


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