A-Visiting I Will Go!!!

Next week I will be going on my very first visit as a therapy dog!! We got Kat’s official certification badge and my official tag and red bandana from Therapy Dogs International, so Kat and I are good to go!

We will be visiting elderly residents of an assisted living home near where we live. I really love having grandma (Kat’s mom) live with us. I’m sure I’ll love all the people I meet on my visit, too!

Kat said we will be going there every month now. It will be fun getting out and seeing folks and ministering with Kat now that I AM A REAL THERAPY DOG!!!


  1. Congratulations to you and Kat. I knew the two of you would successfully complete the training, pass the test, and become a therapy team ministering in the community. Proud of you both.


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