We DID IT!!!!!

I passed my therapy dog test!!!!! I think Kat was a little nervous, and I picked up on that.

But we both calmed down and did what we needed to do! Finally… after lots of hard work I am a fully certified therapy dog!! Well, actually Kat said she has to fill out some paperwork and mail to Therapy Dogs International. Then I will be 100% official and ready to go on visits!!

It’s been a long time a-coming, but it’s been worth it!! When Kat picked me up as a puppy I had no idea what was in store for me.

We began training right away. One of the first things I learned was where Kat wanted me to go to the potty. So I had to sleep in a crate till I got the hang of it.

But now I sleep with Kat and Mike. I love them!

Kat began working with me at home and teaching me things like sitting and waiting for my food, ringing the bell to go outside, and walking on a leash.

It’s always fun, especially when food is involved!

Kat also took me places with her and let me explore the big beautiful world!

She took me to parks

historic sites



Where I’ve been able to experience lots of things and meet lots of people.

And dogs.

Sniffing is a great way to get to know someone!

When I was still a young puppy we began our first official class. It was fun! I became a STAR!

I took another class – Basic 101, to learn more things and reinforce what I had learned in my puppy class like sit


and watch.

You know, just basic stuff!

I took another class after that called Obedience 101. We kept working on the basics, and added some new things, too!

Finally I began a Therapy Dog Test Preparation Class. We worked on all the things we would face as a therapy dog, like noisy distractions, walkers and wheelchairs, and socialization. I like all the attention and petting! I think I’ll be good at this!

At long last, after four classes and over a year of training and work, it was time for the big test. And it’s still hard for me to believe that we DID IT!!!

I’m eager to see where Kat and I will go and what we will do next and where our first Topazthegolden therapy dog visit will be. Kat says God has a plan and purpose for us and we can trust Him in all things. I trust Kat, and if she trusts God I think I will, too. I’ll keep you posted!!!


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