My First Therapy Dog Visit

This week I went with Kat on my very first visit as a real live, certified therapy dog! It went GREAT!!

We will be visiting these wonderful senior citizens each month, and I know it will be something I always get excited about!

Kat and I drove there in eager anticipation of our first visit. We didn’t know what to expect.

Once we got there Kat let me sniff around a little bit before we found the people. There were lots of new smells!

Once we found the folks I began to understand why we were there. My mission: getting lots and lots of pats and pets!! This is an awesome way to spend my time!

People in wheelchairs liked it when I got close enough for them to touch my soft ears and rub my snout.

Everywhere I turned there were people who wanted to pet me and touch me.

I loved all the attention!

I heard some people ask Kat if I had been groomed recently, since I was so soft and sweet smelling. I guess that’s why Kat gave me a bath the night before our visit!

Kat tried to help me remember some of the tricks we’ve been working on in our tricks class. I forgot most of them, so she said we’d keeping working on them for our next visit!

When we got home I was still pretty wound up. Kat said it was cool enough for me to join her on her run, and that made my happy and fun day all-the-happier!

Kat said being a therapy dog team is a blessing from God and a gift to be able to serve Him and love others. She said we can praise and thank Him for His amazingly great gift in giving us this joy-filled ministry together. I like the sound of that!! God has given me a golden life and I love living it. And I love loving people!


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