Therapy Dog – Why?

A few days ago Kat explained what a therapy dog was. Today she told me why she wants to partner with me in a therapy dog ministry.

She told me lots of reasons, and they are all good!

1. Kat loves dogs. From her first beloved childhood dog, Teensie,

They got Teensie when Kat was two and she died when Kat was a freshman at Texas A&M.

to her first dog as a married person, Tilly,

Tilly was a little yappy, snappy toy fox terrier!
Kat’s girls loved her!

to all the affectionate Brittany Spaniels she’s had,

Kat kept her sister’s dog, Ginger, for a year.
Kat’s girls had three dogs: Stewart, Atlanta, and Sunshine.

as well as dogs she has known and met along the way,

Honey was Kat’s dad’s dog.
Kayla the poodle was Kat’s mom’s dog.
Lady was Kat’s niece’s sweet dog. This is Lady with Kat’s daughter, Marilyn.
In Germany Kat loved to stop and pet the “big shag dog” who always sat in front of the Metzgerei (butcher shop) in the town where she lived.
In Uganda Kat loved to pet Wolf and Bear. They belonged to the missionaries that Kat stayed with in Africa.
Kat loves and respects the Aggie mascot, Miss Reveille, ma’am.

Kat loves dogs.

2. Kat loves people. Kat loves God and she told me Christ’s love compels her to love people. She said with God’s love inside us we can even love people who some may say are unlovable.

3. Kat and her family have been personally and positively impacted by therapy dogs!

Darcy the greyhound visited Kat’s daughter, Marilyn, in the hospital when she was seven.
Rider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel visited Kat’s daughter, Marilyn, in the hospital when she was a freshman in college.

4. Kat wants to serve people and bring joy into their lives (with my help!) Several of the places we might be able to go in our therapy dog ministry are the types of places Kat has worked and has a heart for. Her first job was in a hospital, she’s worked in and loves libraries, she has been a substitute teacher in schools, and she is currently involved in a nursing home ministry!

Sunshine flower ministry!

5. Kat homeschooled her two daughters

All grown up now!

and when they left home for college she struggled some with her purpose in life. She told me, sadly, she made some poor choices along the way which grieved God and hurt people she loved, and took her focus off the Lord and doing His good work. She said having me and training me to be a therapy dog is good therapy for HER, and gives her purpose and honors God!

6. Kat loves God and she said God has shown much grace and mercy in her life. Above all she wants to honor and glorify God, shine the light of Christ, and let the joy and peace found in Jesus be made known. She said doing therapy dog ministry will be a way we both can meet people and love them like Jesus loves! Kat told me that even though I’m a dog I can praise God, too. She said the Bible says, “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord. Hallelujah!” Ps 150:6. Isn’t that neat!! Just by breathing and doing my doggie things I am praising God. I like that! God must love me, too!

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