Bustin’ Out All Over in June

Today was a visiting day! Today was a good day! I wore my new bandana and badge today!

When Kat buckled me into the car I was a little stressed at first.

We had gone to the vet earlier this week, and that is NOT a place I like to go! But I DO like going to Gloucester House, so I was happy when we arrived and I saw where we were!

Kat signed us in, and I waited patiently while she tapped a little screen on the counter and put her forehead close to it. Once she had her visitor tag we made our way down to the activity room. Along the way we saw some people and I got some pats.

They were just finishing up a Bible study when we got there, so I made my way around the table for some scratches while they sang a closing song.

Everyone is always so nice to me, and says they are happy to see me! I’m always happy to see them, too!

After the song we went to another room where people were sitting in a big circle. The Bible teacher talked about creation and God making everything while I walked around the room letting folks pet me. I’m sure glad God made me with soft fur and a friendly smile because it makes people feel good to run their fingers through my fluff!

I went around the room a bunch of times, and got lots of love.

And a few kisses.

There was a man and his wife there that I remember visiting last year, pre-Covid. She is in the memory care section now, but he comes to visit her and sit with her. I saw him put his arm around her a lot. I was glad to give him some love and attention.

After we left the memory care section we went around to do some room-to-room visits. One lady was reading her Bible when we walked in her room. Kat told her she likes to read her Bible, too!

We got to visit several nice people who all were excited to see me! I was excited to see them, too!

One lady told me I smelled sweet. I wasn’t too fond of Kat spraying me and brushing me this morning, but I guess it was worth it to be told I am fragrant!

This stuff really makes me smell nice!

I slept most of the way home. Visits are fun, but they do wear me out!!

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