Back At It… HOORAY!!!

It’s been a long year, and a lot has happened. But today for the first time this year, and for the first time in a long time I got to go on a therapy dog visit!!! Hooray!!!!!

Kat told me this morning that we were going, and she helped me put on my special collar and bandana. I looked pretty spiffy!

Bandana and collar… check ✅

I took a power nap on the drive there because I was a little tired from my early morning three mile run with Kat.

Catching some pre-visit zzzzzzz

When we arrived some things looked a little different, but it was still very familiar. I was happy to be there!

We are here!! Yay!!

There was a Bible study going on when we got there, so we joined in on the singing. Well, Kat sang, and I walked around and let people pet me.

Lots of pats.
More pats
More still

After the singing we went over to another section called memory care where more people were sitting around. I went around the room twice and gots lots of hugs and pats and rubs and smiles.

One lady said I reminded her of her doggie that she missed. She gave me a big hug. I like making people happy!

Kat asked me to do a few tricks for the folks, and she gave me some treats. So I obliged, and sat pretty, did dead dog, said hello to everyone, and did a few circles. Maybe Kat can teach me some more tricks for future visits!

After we left the memory care people we went down some hallways for room to room visits.

One lady was eating breakfast, and it sure smelled good. But I didn’t lick her hand or grab her food because I am a polite girl. Kat prayed with the woman because she said a family member had been in car accident.

Another lady we visited was in pain, so Kat prayed for her, too. I was a little distracted, though, because she had a red ball in the chair next to where she was sitting. The ball looked just like MY ball!!! So I got excited. Kat told me to leave it and I did… even though it looked JUST like MY ball!! Whew! That was hard. But I am a therapy dog, you know!

THIS is my red ball!

The last person we visited really liked me a lot. He showed us a picture of his dog, Cocoa, who he’d had to send away to live with his daughter in another state. That would be sad, so I was glad our visit made him happy. He liked talking to Kat about dogs, and he gave her some pointers about training and socialization. I hope we can see him again!

I loved going on our visit, especially after having been away for so long. Kat says we will be going every week now. Still, it was good to get home to my favorite octogenarian… GRANDMA!!

Grandma is my favorite grandma.


  1. Topaz,
    Glad to read and see pictures of your resuming therapy visits with Kat to Gloucester House. You and Kat were and are a blessing to all you visit and pray for. I am especially happy that you left that red ball alone and restrained yourself from snacking on food.

    Looking forward to reading future blogs about your ministry.

    Liked by 1 person

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