More Than I Deserve this New Year

Today Kat and I went on our monthly visit to Gloucester House. I knew it was a therapy dog day when Kat helped me get dressed in my special collar and red bandana. So I was eager to jump in the car and GO!

When we got there Kat told me I was doing good as we signed in and said hello.

As we began down the first hallway we stopped and said hi to some people sitting around. Then we started to make our way around to the rooms.

We got to go in to see lots of people, and they all seemed to enjoy seeing me! They said I was beautiful, so that made me feel good.

Some people got nose to nose with me.

Some people rubbed my ears.

Some people scratched my back.

I liked it all!

One man asked if I bite, and Kat told him, “No!”

I’m glad she doesn’t seem to remember that time as a puppy when I nipped a hole in her new sweatshirt!

As we went around visiting there were several sweet ladies Kat talked with who said similar things. When Kat asked them how they were doing, they said,

“God is taking good care of me and blessing me more than I deserve.”

I have heard Kat say this same thing, so my ears perked up with that.

One lady said she was 102 years old, and God had always been faithful and good to her.

One lady had been a teacher and said she looked back on her life with joy. It’s neat to meet people who know and love God, just like Kat does (even though Kat’s not quite as old as these ladies yet).

Another lady we met was very tiny and slender. She said she weighed 79 pounds, and Kat told her I probably weigh more than she does! The lady let me put my feet up in her chair so she could pet me more closely. I liked that, and so did she!!

One man we visited said he didn’t have any family, and Christmas was just another day for him. I felt bad for him because families mean everything to me. Sometimes visits are sad, too. But he liked petting me while he told Kat about some dogs he used to have and love.

After we left Gloucester House we picked Grandma up from dialysis on the way home, so Kat helped me move to the back seat.

I didn’t mind because I was pretty tired anyway!

And Grandma is my favorite older person so I was happy to get home and conk out at her feet after our wonderful time of visiting! I think God is blessing me more than I deserve, too!


  1. Love this! And I recognize some of the people you mentioned 😊. I’m glad you enjoyed your visits, and you’re doing a lot of good for those folks. More than you know! Keep up the good work. πŸ˜‰

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