Pats and Cats

This week I went with Kat on another fun visit. I got lots and lots and lots of pats and pets and scratches and strokes. It was nice seeing so many sweet people who seemed to love me so much. I love them, too!

As we were heading out of one room after we talked to a lady I happened to notice her walker. I whined in excitement because I saw something I LOVE on the bottom of it – BALLS!!! Kat told me we were there to visit and not to play with balls, and that those were not my balls. I really wanted to play, but I did what Kat told me and left the balls alone. I found my balls fast when I got home, though!

Toward the end of our visit we entered the final hallway and there was a lady sitting there in her wheelchair. She was friendly and kind. But then I saw HIM… William. I got very excited, more so than Kat said I should as a certified and trained therapy dog! William the Cat apparently saw me, too, and I don’t think he appreciated my visit as much as the lady. His back was arched and he was hissing at me. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I just wanted to get close to him and play.

Instead the lady put William in her room and then she pet me and rubbed my ears. That was pretty good, too, so I didn’t mind so much that I didn’t get to play with the cat.

It was an exciting day, and I’m so thankful when we get to go out and meet people and make new friends!

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