Me, A Therapy Dog? We Shall See!

For the past six weeks Kat and I have been going to a class where I’ve been preparing to take an important test. This test will make me a real live Therapy Dog!! I take the test next week!

The last day of class was special because I got a plate of peanut butter pupcake. It was yummy!

Our class instructor said she thinks I will pass the test! Kat says sometimes I’m still a big goofball, so she HOPES we will pass.

I don’t know what she means by that!

We have been working hard with training and socialization skills. Kat works at home with me most every day.

I’ll do most anything for a tasty carrot!

Sometimes we go out to stores and walk around. That’s fun!

There is always still time to play and be silly, though!

Life is golden and good!!

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