Yard Work = Yard Fun

Last Friday and Saturday were super fun days. Kat and Mike spent both entire days outside with me. My two favorite places to be are 1) outside and 2) with my people, so they were providentially perfect kinds of days!

We made a bonfire and burned a lot of wood and leaves from fallen trees. I liked keeping watch on the blazing brush!

On Saturday some men came with this big loud thing they called a log splitter.

Of course I had to check it out and see what all the ruckus was about.

It sure did the trick of chewing up the wood – even faster than my teeth could do it!

The men seemed liked ok guys, so I offered them some help loading up the split wood in their trailer.

I also helped Mike as he was working his chain saw. He always likes my help.

We took time for breaks, too. Sitting with Kat and watching the fire is relaxing and resting.

All work and no play makes Topaz a dull dog. So the day and I were anything but dull as I brought my blue ball over and over and over again for Kat to throw. What fun!

I hope we do it all again soon!! I love favorite days!

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