Happy Birthday!!

It’s hard to believe it, but Saturday was my first birthday!! I am one year old!

I had a fun day doing all my usual fun things: eating, running around in my yard, digging, chasing squirrels, cuddling with Mike and Kat. Life is good!

I also got some special birthday presents. Toys and Treats!! My two favorite T’s!!

Kat told me it was my birthday when she first got up, and she sang me a special happy song. Kat’s sister and mom also sang happy birthday to me in separate video messages. That was nice and made me feel loved!

I think I’m a lucky duck to be Mike and Kat’s dog. Kat said there is no such thing as luck, but instead everything is all part of God’s sovereign and good and perfect plan.

Kat is FACEBOOK friends with the family where I started my life. We were a cute little bunch of fur and fluff. I’m somewhere in the pack!She said a lot of my litter mates also were celebrating their first birthday on Saturday, and a lot of them also are lucky duck dogs who are blessed by God to be in good and loving homes.





It was good to see pictures of so many of my brothers and sisters. They’ve sure grown since I last saw them. I guess I have, too!!

Kat says now that I’m a year old we really need to pick up the pace with our training to work toward therapy dog certification. I’m eager and willing and love the attention and the TREATS! So let the training proceed!


  1. Happy Birthday Topaz! I am blessed to know you and Kat and I am looking forward to seeing how you will be helping others when you graduate from training.

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