A Wild and Crazy Night

Last night was kind of freaky and I stuck close to Kat and Mike in bed. I heard lots of wind whooshes and strange clanking and banging on the walls and roof of the house. It made me nervous, but I wasn’t shaking as hard as Stewart!

This morning when we got up and I ran outside I was really surprised by what I saw. The weather was cool and made me feel zippy, but that wasn’t what made me excited. I saw what all the wind had done in our yard. Several trees were not up and down any more, but were sideways! It was weird!

Kat said of all the 12 years they’ve lived here this is the worst storm damage they’ve ever had! I do have a nice big hole to play in now, though!

And Mike and I had fun trying to run up a tree like a squirrel!

It does make everything different.

But I’m having fun exploring our “new” yard!

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