I Am Eight. I Ate Eight.

As of yesterday I am exactly eight months old!!

I have grown a LOT!

This was me six months and 36 pounds ago!!

I have grown a lot and learned a lot since I came home with Kat,but I still have some growing to do, and learning, too!

I still like to be a puppy and have fun! I love to play and chew on things.

I tried a bite of my “8” sign. It didn’t taste so good.

I like my toys better.

I especially love my balls.

Sometimes still I chew on things that Kat takes away and tells me I shouldn’t chew on.

She said this belongs to the grandchildren. She didn’t appreciate me chewing green baby’s arm off.

She said these used to be a pair of her favorite flip flops… but no more.

Even though sometimes Kat takes things away from me, I know she loves me a lot.

We love to spend time together and do lots of things with each other!

We snuggle a lot.

And go on car rides.

And run.

And go to class.

And do just about everything together. She is my best friend!

I love living life and growing older with Kat!


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