Topaz Trailblazing on the Noland

Today I knew something fun was coming when Kat helped me get dressed in my harness and a bandana.

We headed out in Mike’s truck for an adventure! I love going places with Kat and Mike!

When we got to our destination Kat told me we were going running/walking on the Noland Trail. It is right next to a museum in Newport News, VA called the Mariner’s Museum where they have lots of neat old stuff from ships like the Civil War’s USS Monitor. We didn’t go in the museum, though, we just went on the trail. That’s ok with me! I like the outdoors!

It’s a five mile trail around Lake Maury. It’s really pretty! We crossed over lots of bridges – 14!!

We saw some pretty flowers.

We saw a big statue of something important.

We ran some and walked some and ran some and walked some on the tree-lined trail.

We stopped and rested a few times and looked at the scenery. It was pretty there!

It was a fun afternoon with Mike and Kat!

We finally made it all the way around the lake. Five miles!

I was tired when we got back to the truck.

So I slept and slept and rested and rested.

It was a good day with Kat and Mike!!

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