My First Fourth

Today is the 4th of July! My first fourth!

Kat told me that a long time ago our country wasn’t a country yet, so a lot of brave people fought and made sacrifices to make the United States of America.

Kat told me I will need to be brave, too, to be a therapy dog. Right now some things still make me nervous and afraid.

Like vacuum cleaners.

And strange dogs in Petco.

Kat said she will help me overcome my fears and be brave. She said God has helped her to be strong when she feels weak and afraid, and in the same way God helps her she will help me. I’m glad I have Kat helping me!

Happy Independence Day!!


  1. Topaz, you have been blessed by having Kat as your helper. She will help you understand how to be a therapy dog to those that really need you. You will be to happy to ever be frightened.

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