Play Ball!

I love to play! Playing is my favorite thing. On second thought, maybe it’s eating. Oh well, I love them both!

I especially love to play with my squeaky balls. I have several so there is always one within easy access. At least until they roll underneath the couch. That has been a continual problem I have had to deal with – my balls rolling under the couch. I drop my toys, they roll out of my reach, I scratch and gnaw at the couch to try to recover them, Kat tells me to leave the couch alone, Kat gets down on her back or belly to retrieve the balls for me. Hooray! I can play this game hundreds of times a day!

But Kat had seemed to grow a little weary of fishing for my hidden gems several thousand times a day (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not much of one). So yesterday Mike installed a barrier noodle solution.

Kat said it is not exactly her decorating style, but she can live with it for now. It has been nice today not losing my toys so easily! I think I’ll like living with it, too!


  1. Good idea Mike, and sure saves Kat from all those ball retrievals. But that look on your face, Topaz….don’t be sad! You can still play ball 😉

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