Another Fun Family Kind of Day!

Today was a long day, but it was super fun. I woke Kat up as usual before the sun came up not even knowing what excitement awaited the day. But I soon found out!!

Mike was home and it wasn’t even the weekend. Then we got in the truck and drove for quite awhile. I started out riding in Kat’s lap.

But I couldn’t get comfortable (Kat says I’m getting big!), so they put me in the backseat in my crate. I liked it there because I could stretch out and sleep. It made the drive whiz by!

Finally we got to where we were going and boy was I excited! We were at Marilyn’s place in North Carolina! (Marilyn is Kat and Mike’s youngest daughter and she recently had a birthday!)

I got to meet everyone (except Marilyn’s husband Jacob, who was at work).

We went to a nearby park and walked around all afternoon. I found lots of pine cones to chew on and interesting things to sniff and see.

We walked up and down.

And back and forth.

It was lots of fun!

We even went in a few old buildings.

It was really nice getting to meet Marilyn and wish her a happy birthday!

And I loved being outdoors at the park.

I slept all the way home, because the day wore me out.


    • Thank you, Ms Carlene! Kat and Mike told me I was a good little traveler today! Before too long I’ll be a good BIG traveler!
      Love, Topaz


    • I am getting bigger, Ms. June! Today a man at the park looked at my paws and then told Kat and Mike I was going to be a big dog! Haha! I guess we will see about that!
      Maybe you can come meet me soon before I get too big!
      Love, Topaz


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